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Hello everyone
My name is Claude I am a new member of this forum
I am intersted in the possibillity of starting interviews with all the members present on this forum. My goal is to learn more about the comunity and gather in-depth information. If possible, I would like to organize individual interviews with each member to better understand their experriences and perspectives. Please let me know if this is feassible and how I might go about it."
Thank you
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I have moved your post to this (Website Discussion) forum, since instead of starting a new topic, you had effectively hijacked the existing "A Glossary of Mycological Terms" topic in the FAQS/Member Resources forum, for which the content of your post would be entirely off topic.

To be clear, UK Fungi website is provided as a forum for like-minded people with ongoing interest in fungi and the ecological and environmental habitats in which fungi are found, and for those persons who wish to have fungi finds identified.
UK Fungi is not a foragers website. - Discussions related to foraging (and also the use of Psychoactive fungi) are not permitted on the website.

UK Fungi website makes no demands upon its members to provide any more information than is necessary for initial registration with the site, and information relative to each of their subsequent posts/identification requests.
UK Fungi admin will not provide any details of registered members to you, since such information is confidential.

I suggest that in order to better inform registered members of your intent, you should specifically indicate the reasoning for your wish to "interview" people, and give a precise explanation of your phrase "learn more about the community and gather in-depth information".

Any replies to your request would be entirely at the discretion of individual members who read and subsequently respond to your post(s).

Common sense is not so common.
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