Bonsai have insects and fungi!!

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Bonsai have insects and fungi!!

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Hello, I have a bonsai since January 2017. I think it is Chinese elm (Ulmus Parvifolia). It has many diseases. I need HELP!!

About 2 months ago, it's started to shed it many leaves. First, a leaf would get black spots and then turn yellow, then fall down. I think it was black spot disease. (Picture A's)

Later, about a month ago it's started to get white spots on some leaves and on the same leaves, it started having tiny black spotted white insects. I think these are two spotted spider mites. (Picture B's)

After seeing the insects I sprayed Mancozeb (fungisit) and Acetamiprid (pesticide). This did not improve the insects situation but it's had positive effect on black spot disease.

For the last 2 weeks I have been using NeemAzal on it's leaves and soil, once a week. It killed about the insects %80 percent, but it still has some insects. I sprayed water and ciggarette ashes mix once. And I'm waiting to see the results.

Last week I saw little white round insects on its soil. (I haven't a picture of them) I treated this with Acetamiprid on its soil once.

See Picture C's for the most recent status of my bonsai.
Now, tips of some of its leaves turn brownish and fall down.
Most of its leaves now seem to be covered in dust. It's new buds develıp a little and then change in to darker colour and fall off.
Now It shed most many of leaves and it trubk is covered with a white layer.

What do you think? What should I do?? Please help me...
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Re: Bonsai have insects and fungi!!

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I don't think you have attached any pictures.
Maybe a Bonsai advice site would be a better option. .

Talk of fungicide never goes down well with mycologists.

Good luck with it ,I hope it recovers.

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