The year 2020 for fungi

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The year 2020 for fungi

Post by hypercolius » Fri Jan 08, 2021 10:55 pm

As my first post I wanted to introduce myself as a prolific naturalist who enjoys spending time everywhere in nature and looking for interesting things, among them being mushrooms. My primary interest are of course boletes and related things. They are the most photogenic, in my opinion, with one notable exception- mentioned below.
During the course of this year, my count was as follows:
9 penny buns, Boletus edulis
3 bay boletes, Boletus badius
1 orange birch bolete, Leccinum versipelle. This is a first for this place- I have never encountered these before
9 brown birch boletes, Leccinum scabrum
3 enormous Chicken of the Woods lozenges in Paradise LNR, Cambridge
Two enormous clusters of obviously overgrown honey fungi on Midsummer common

I was kind of hoping for more colourful fungi- such as Boletus luridiformis, which I encountered here a few times, and my eye was open for any rarities too. In 2012 I located in this wood what I believe is a first for the UK- Leccinum percandidum. In 2019 I found these in Russia and verified that the fungus I found in the UK was a percandidum- a pure white bolete looking like leccinum scabrum which bruised first red, then black to the touch, like that one did when I touched its cap.

For this year my goal is to meet the same fungi!

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Re: The year 2020 for fungi

Post by Flaxton » Thu Jan 14, 2021 4:21 pm

Hi welcome to the forum. Lots of interesting finds. Keep up the good work and let us see the results.

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