The rarest fungi I have ever seen

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The rarest fungi I have ever seen

Post by hypercolius » Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:09 pm

Fungi have been an obsession for quite some time, and I enjoyed tracking them down everywhere. I've been keeping a rarity catalogue- noting the rarest mushrooms I can find. My searches weren't just in the UK- they happened in Russia as well, where most of my rarities were discovered.
Members of my family have succeded in finding even rarer fungi, however.
My records:
A total of 11 Leccinum percandidum fungi, nine from Russia, one from the UK (Russian Federation Red Data List, category 3R (Rare), first for the UK, indentification 100% positive- no other white bolete stains red when touched)

3 Hericium coralloides fungi, Russia (Russian Red List category 3R)

1 Suillus jacuticus fungus, endemical to Russia, found in Arshan (Russian Red List category 3R, also severely understudied)

Records of a family member even better than me at finding rare mushrooms:

1 Royal bolete, Boletus regius, found in the south of the UK

1 Gyroporus cyanescans, Russia (Russian Red list category 2 (Very rare and localised))

A picture of the best I've found are attached below

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