Welcome to the DNA barcoding forum of Fungi.org.uk!

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Welcome to the DNA barcoding forum of Fungi.org.uk!

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This forum has been set up to help support the development of an amateur DNA barcoding community in UK Mycology, both in the short term and long into the future.

One of its intended functions is to be a repository for background information on how field mycologists can DNA barcode of fungal specimens, including:
  • equipment/reagents required
  • protocols for doing DNA extraction, amplification, and sequencing
  • analysis and interpretation of results

It is also intended to be a discussion forum to:
  • help encourage any individuals or fungus recording groups to get started
  • help troubleshoot problems
  • to show off some results to demonstrate that amateur DNA barcoding can contribute to UK and global mycological knowledge

It is also a place for requests for specimens for any DNA barcoding projects that could involve the UK field mycology community.

Resources and information will be added to this forum in the very near future.

Dr. Brian Douglas, the Lost and Found Fungi project (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew) (b.douglas@kew.org)
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