"HOW TO" Guide to EASILY Crop Photos Using Software That You Already Have!

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"HOW TO" Guide to EASILY Crop Photos Using Software That You Already Have!

Post by Lancashire Lad » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:06 pm

Note that this advice applies to Windows based computers only. (MAC, or other non-Windows users will need to find alternative methods).

This post is intended to assist with cropping photos – USING MICROSOFT "PAINT" SOFTWARE THAT IS ALREADY AVAILABLE ON YOUR COMPUTER.

NB: Note that Cropping is NOT the same as resizing.
Resizing retains the complete image, but changes the size of the image to make it smaller or larger.
Cropping retains only a part of the original image. - Anything that is outside of the designated crop "area" is permanently deleted.

All Windows based computers come complete with Microsoft Paint already installed.
MS Paint is a very easy to use photo editor, but not many people seem to know that it is available, or cannot find it on their machines.
To find and open MS Paint on your PC see: - http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001332.htm

The instructions below apply to Windows 8, but are pretty much identical for other versions of Windows.
If you have another version, and don’t find these instructions suitable for your own use, then simply do a websearch for How do I crop photos in Microsoft Paint Windows “X” (where X is your version of Windows), and you will quickly find specific instructions.

NB: Always make a copy of your original photo before doing any editing, and work on the copy.
By doing so, should any sort of disaster occur during the image editing, you will always have the original full size image as back-up. ;)

To crop a picture using Microsoft Paint: -

1. Open Paint.

2. Click the File tab, click Open, browse to find the picture you want to resize, and then click Open.

3. On the Home tab, in the Image group, (where you will note that the Crop option is currently "greyed out"), click Select, and a drop-down menu opens.

4. On the drop-down menu click Select All. (You will now see that the Crop option on the Image Group menu has become available).

5. Using your mouse, place the cursor at one corner of the intended crop, and, whilst still keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag the crop-box to the other corner. - You will now see that a dotted rectangle is showing around the part of the image to be retained.

6. Go back up to the Image Group menu, and click on Crop. The crop immediately takes place, and you will now see that only that portion of the image which was inside the crop area dotted rectangle remains. All parts of the image that were outside of that rectangle have now been deleted.

7. Click on File tab, then on Save As, then type a new file name in the File name box, (and, if necessary, designate a folder where you want the cropped image to be saved), and finally click Save.

If the above still looks complicated, just do a web-search for videos on How to crop photos using MS Paint in Windows "X" - (where X is your particular version of Windows), There are plenty of short videos on the web that show just how easy the process is. ;)

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