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How to upload images & add them to your posts (Basic Method).

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:52 pm
by Lancashire Lad
NB: All forum images MUST be uploaded directly to this site.
UK Fungi does not accept links to images hosted on other sites. (Flickr, etc. etc.)

1 - Write the text of your post.

2 - Click on the Attachments tab, located below the text box.

3 - Click on the Add Files tab which then appears.

4 - When you click on the Add Files tab, a window opens allowing you to navigate to the chosen image that you wish to upload from your computer.

5 - Double click on the file-name of the image that you wish to upload.
(The navigation window closes, and the filename of your chosen image now appears in the Add Files list, below the text box.

6 - Write a short, three or four words maximum, comment (for example, the name of the Image) in the File Comment box.
NB: Don't write a lengthy description in that comment box, as doing so can disrupt the correct alignment of the thumbnails.
If you need to make lengthy reference to any given photo, it is best to simply name each photo as "Photo 1", "Photo 2", etc. etc., (within that comments box), and then refer to the particular image within the body text of your post.

7 - If you are adding more than one image, then repeat steps 3 to 6.

8 - Click on the "Preview" tab, directly below the text box, and you will see a preview of your entire post. (Complete with image thumbnails, which will be located in an attachments section at the bottom of your post).

9 - When you are happy that your post is as you want it, click on the "Submit" tab below the text box. - Your post, complete with uploaded (clickable) image thumbnails, is then added to the forum.

NB: Please make sure that your photographs are the right way up! - If you are submitting photos taken on a mobile phone, make sure that they appear on this website the correct way up.
Rotate them if necessary, in image editing software!
It keeps the site looking tidy, and it helps those who are trying to identify your finds for you.
If you can't be bothered to orient your photos correctly - people won't be bothered to crane their necks trying to identify what you've posted!

Various methods of rotating images are described here: -


How to upload images & add them to your posts (Basic Method).

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:15 pm
by Lancashire Lad
Unfortunately, the problem in uploading multiple image attachments to forum posts is still ongoing.

The problem is this: -

If more than one image attachment is added to a post that is being written, and then, before finally uploading that post,
• Any further text is then added to the post, or,
• Any editing of the post’s text is then carried out, or,
• Any previewing of the post is then carried out,

then some, or all of the uploaded image attachments may disappear. – Each missing attachment being replaced with an error message which reads: - “The attachment xyz, (or whatever), is no longer available”.

Here is one “workaround” method, (there may be others), which definitely does work, and if followed precisely, will allow multiple image attachments to be correctly uploaded to your posts as required.
The explanation below may appear to be somewhat wordy, but I’ve tried to ensure that what is required is stated as clearly as possible.

1 –
Write whatever text you want in the post, and then, format your text as required.
(At this stage you can preview the post to ensure that the text is laid out and appearing exactly as you want it).
Do not upload any attachments yet!

2 –
If you are adding multiple attachments which are to appear as a grid of clickable thumbnails at the end of your post, then skip to section 3.
Otherwise, if you are intending to place any of your image attachments at specific positions within the text of your post, (i.e. in-line), do this: -

At each position where you want to place an image in-line, use your mouse/curser to create three blank lines, (i.e. line return, followed by line return, followed by line return), between the line of text after which you want to place the image, and the next line of text. – Ensure that you repeat that for every position within the post where you will be adding an in-line image attachment.

NB: - Before continuing, make sure at this stage: -
• That you are completely happy that ALL of the post’s required text has been written.
• That you have three blank lines wherever you need them, for any in-line attachments.
• That you have formatted and positioned, a list of titles or descriptions that may be needed for your subsequent image attachment uploads.

3 –
Upload your first image attachment by carefully following items 2 to 6, in this topic’s original post above.
Don’t forget: - To ensure that each of your images will be properly identifiable in the context of your post, make sure that you name the attachment, (within the File Comments box), in accordance with item 6 in the original post above.

Repeat, until you have the complete list of image attachments that you are wanting to upload, showing below the text box of your intended post.

After which, if your image are to appear (in grid, format) at the end of your post, then do not edit or write any more any text, and do not preview the post, simply click on the “Submit” tab, below the post’s text box, to finally upload your post, complete with its required image attachments, to the forum. (Otherwise go to item 4 below).

4 –
If you require any of the attachments to be placed in-line, then, before clicking on “Submit”, place your cursor at the beginning of the second line, in one of the three line gaps that you will have created for the purpose. (See item 2, earlier in this post). – Then go to the required image attachment details, and click on “place inline”.

Repeat that for each attachment to be placed inline, and then finally click on the “Submit” tab.
NB: After placing any required image attachments in-line, do not edit or write any more any text, and do not preview the post – just click on the Submit tab!

NB: Once you have successfully submitted your post, complete with images as required - Do Not, Thereafter, Edit That Post !!! - or the images will disappear again! ;) :shock:


How to upload images & add them to your posts (Basic Method).

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:51 pm
by Lancashire Lad
UPDATE - July 20th 2018

Looks like Adam has been able to resolve the multiple image upload problem described immediately above, so people should be able to upload images as they always have done. (And as described in Original post, above).

I will re-lock this topic, but will leave it in-situ, just in case the problem reoccurs.