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Re: Compact/Portable cameras

Post by Flaxton » Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:47 pm

Adam that looks to be a good set of photos from the new set up. Still a bit big for a pocket camera but enjoy and keep posting for others to enjoy.

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Re: Compact/Portable cameras

Post by adampembs » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:24 am

In retrospect, I am regretting buying the HS10. While it is a decent camera, it is hardly a compact, being quite bulky and heavy to carry around the neck.
I also find the controls overwhelming, it offers a lot of flexibility and fine controls, but this means taking a photo is not a case of point and click. First, in automatic mode, it doesn't save the preference for macro mode, you have to set it every time. I should probably use a custom mode for this, but would probably forget about it later. I also find the auto-focus isn't reliable in low light conditions, and manually focussing is another time consuming thing, that I find difficult as my eyes are not so good, to see the focussing on the screen.
My main dislike though is for long walks/forays, I no longer take it, as it is too heavy, and has to go in a backpack to avoid neckstrain. My old LX5 fitted comfortably in the pocket of my fleece and I found the photos it took were good and easy to obtain. In the hands of a skilled photographer like Mike, the HS10 gives outstanding results, but for a simpleton like me, it's overcomplicated :(
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