Novice find - Group of mushrooms in London

Please try to include photos to show all parts of the fungus, eg top, stem, and gills.
Note any smells, and associated trees or plants (eg oak, birch). A spore print can be very useful.
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Novice find - Group of mushrooms in London

Post by Cubeh » Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:59 pm

Hello all,

I was hoping someone could help me to identify some mushrooms that I found today. These were growing in a wood near Epping Forest in London, UK, I think the majority of the trees are beech and oak. There is a carpet of fallen leaves and it seems this is what the mushrooms were growing on (there is also a lot of myceleum on dead branches on the ground too).

They smell like a normal shop bought mushroom smells, perhaps a little bit nutty too. As you can see they are mostly white underneath, with some yellowing occuring on the larger (and possibly older) ones. One of the photographs has a measuring tape set out to 30cm to give an idea of their size.

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Please let me know if there is anything else you need to know and I will endeavour to answer ASAP.

Many thanks,


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