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Is This Ganoderma Pfeifferi?

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:41 pm
by mushroom mike
Hello, Could anyone help to identify this bracket please. Found on a stile post, presumably hardwood near a wooded area. I thought maybe Ganoderma pfeifferi but the pores only measured 3 per mm and the match test didn't melt the cap edge more like a sizzle. There were resinous deposite on the surface when looked at under a stereo microscope.

1. Cap : 75mm x 25mm deep.Woody, thick, resinous flakes on surface. Bumpy, grey. The fine resinous lines on the surface were from the margin. Burnt orange/yellowish margin.
2. Context : Buff yellow. 7mm long.
3. Pores : White, round , 3 per mm.
4. Smell : Citrus not sweet bees wax.
5. Spores : unfortunately the damp newspaper method was not forthcoming.

thank you in advance.