Peniophora rufomarginata on lime

Corticoids, Crusts, Brackets, and any non-mushroom like fungi growing on wood
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Peniophora rufomarginata on lime

Post by Steve » Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:11 pm

This is one which I presume is fairly easy - it's a Peniophora found (according to the literature) just on lime trees. It's to be found easily on Sheffield streets after strong winds, which blow down dead branches from the crown of the huge lime trees which are a blessing and a curse. There are reckoned to be 4 trees for every person in Sheffield, and although they make it a green city, they also make our houses shady and block our gutters and drainpipes. The trees tower above even the biggest houses, and require a lot of maintenance - not cheap, especially for a council hit hard by spending cuts. A programme to reduce the number of oversized street trees proved controversial and has met a lot of opposition, mostly in the well-heeled leafy suburbs adjacent to the Peak District, and has been halted.
I was able to cut very thin sections of the crust and avoid cracking coverslips to get micrographs of the striking lamprocystidia. Dispersing the basidia to show the basal clamp I found impossible.
1 Macro images.jpg
Studio and stereo microscope images
2 spores oil.jpg
Spores x 1000 in water
3 Cystidia600d.jpg
Lamprocystidia x 600 in Congo Red
4 Cystidia stacked.jpg
Lamprocystidia x 600 in Congo Red - stacked image
5 Basidia x 600.jpg
Basidia in Congo Red x 600
6 Basidia x 1000.jpg
Basidia in Congo Red x 1000

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