Radulomyces confluens

Corticoids, Crusts, Brackets, and any non-mushroom like fungi growing on wood
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Radulomyces confluens

Post by Steve » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:47 am

Found in a Sheffield woodland on underside of a broadleaf log.
Identified on macroscopic features and spores. Spores 9-11 x 7-8. The glistening surface seen at x 45 is due to the spores. I think I remember one author describing the fungus as having a smell akin to hospital disinfectant – but if so this is very faint to me and not convincing.
1 Field.JPG
Field image showing waxy appearance
2 Field.JPG
Field image showing distinct margin
3 macro.jpg
Stereo microscope image
4 macro.jpg
Stereo microscope image x 45, inset shows 4 spores attached to a basidium
5 spores.jpg
Spores x 600 in water

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