How to upload & add images to your posts (Basic Method).

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How to upload & add images to your posts (Basic Method).

Post by Lancashire Lad » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:52 pm

1 - Write the text of your post.

2 - Click on the Attachments tab, located below the text box.

3 - Click on the Add Files tab which then appears.

4 - When you click on the Add Files tab, a window opens allowing you to navigate to the chosen image that you wish to upload from your computer.

5 - Double click on the file-name of the image that you wish to upload.
(The navigation window closes, and the filename of your chosen image now appears in the Add Files list, below the text box.

6 - Write a short, three or four words maximum, comment (for example, the name of the Image) in the File Comment box.
NB: Don't write a lengthy description in that comment box, as doing so can disrupt the correct alignment of the thumbnails.
If you need to make lengthy reference to any given photo, it is best to simply name each photo as "Photo 1", "Photo 2", etc. etc., (within that comments box), and then refer to the particular image within the body text of your post.

7 - If you are adding more than one image, then repeat steps 3 to 6.

8 - Click on the "Preview" tab, directly below the text box, and you will see a preview of your entire post. (Complete with image thumbnails, which will be located in an attachments section at the bottom of your post).

9 - When you are happy that your post is as you want it, click on the "Submit" tab below the text box. - Your post, complete with uploaded (clickable) image thumbnails, is then added to the forum.

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