Cladonia diversa (coccinea)

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Cladonia diversa (coccinea)

Post by Steve » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:57 am

Found on peaty soil at Longshaw.
Colour: yellowish tinges rather than blue-grey
Soredia: no soredia noted
Podetia texture: all squamulose, including interior of cups
Podetia branching: very little – occasional small secondary cups
Cups: large “pixie cup” type
Basal squamules: few
Apothecia/pycnidia: red, small, around cup rim. Some were blackened.
K: negative
K +C: weak yellow
Using Frank Dobson’s book I keyed this out as Cladonia diversa (coccifera) group. Features are the red apothecia/ pycnidia, the yellowish tinge, the yellow K+C reaction, the lack of soredia, the stout cups, and the peaty substrate. Another specimen growing near by is shown which has red apothecia covering the cups - it also had yellowish tinges and a weak KC yellow reaction.
Stacked image of described specimen
Stacked image of nearby specimen with large apothecia

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