Cladonia polydactyla

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Cladonia polydactyla

Post by Steve » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:16 pm

Found in Longshaw, Peak District, on wood.
Colour: grey-green
Sorediate: yes
Podetia texture: squamulose below, thickly sorediate above
Podetia branching: strongly digitate
Cup: roughly-shaped cups, digitate projections from the margins
Basal squamules: orange underside at base of squamules, small.
Apothecia: red, up to 2mm wide
K+ yellow
Using Frank Dobson’s book I keyed this out as Cladonia polydactyla with a little more confidence than some other finds :)
2016-03-22 20-47-20 (C).jpg
Stacked image

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