Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

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Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Post by Lancashire Lad » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:12 pm

Weather forecast was predicting a for the most part sunny day, so I headed back to the Lake District on Wednesday (12th July) for another wander on the fells. – This time to do Red Screes and Middle Dodd, two tops I hadn’t previously visited, along with several more that I had.

Starting from Cow Bridge car park beside Brothers Water, I walked past the lake to Hartsop Hall, and then took the footpath across the intake fields, heading towards Scandale Pass. Not long after passing beyond the “Settlement” (site of antiquity), my route deviated away from the Scandale Pass track, crossing the footbridge over Kirkstone Beck, and onto the lower flanks of Middle Dodd.

A relentlessly steep and pretty much pathless pull up to Middle Dodd, eventually gave way to easier ground on the approach to Red Screes. From which summit, extensive views towards Windermere and the Morecambe Bay coastline were to be had.

From Red Screes, it was down to Scandale Pass and then up to Little Hart Crag summit, before taking a descending traverse across to the summit of High Hartsop Dodd. Then it was back up towards Little Hart Crag, (this time skirting the actual summit), and across Bakestones Moss, to the very well-constructed “Dale Head”-like cairn on High Bakestones.

During lunch at High Bakestones, the sun gave way to a large bank of cloud coming in from the west, which then persisted for a couple of hours, slightly taking the edge off photos taken during that period. – Still, the weather will do what the weather will do!

From High Bakestones it was an easy stroll across to the ridge-line, picking up the main “Fairfield Horseshoe” path as far as Dove Crag. Where, after visiting the summit, I descended to the col, and then headed off down into Houndshope Cove in order to make my way across and up to the Priest’s Hole Cave. (Slightly tidier than found on my last visit), but the “visitor books” - albeit that they were already irreparably water damaged due to the actions of idiots – see viewtopic.php?f=11&t=695&start=20#p6095, have now completely disappeared.

From the cave, it was back up to the col, and onwards to Hart Crag summit before descending back to valley level via the Hartsop above How – Gale Crag - Bleaberry Knott ridge. There was nothing to be gained by following the ridge all the way down to Deepdale Bridge, (which would then mean a road walk back to the car), so instead, I took the steep path which drops through Low Wood, directly back to Cow Bridge car park.


GPS track of the route walked: -
#GPX Track - 1 to 50000 scale1.jpg
Walk elevation profile: -
#Elevation Profile.jpg

And some photos from the day. (Described in list form below, to ensure correct alignment of thumbnail images).

Photo 01 - Having walked past Brothers Water, and now approaching Hartsop Hall, Middle Dodd can be seen left of centre, with a still cloud covered Red Screes behind. High Hartsop Dodd and the ridge leading across to Dove Crag are seen towards right hand side of shot.
Photo 02 - Cloud not yet lifted from Dove Crag. (As seen from the intake fields of Hartsop Hall farm).
Photo 03 - Looking back to Brothers Water, with Angletarn Pikes and Place Fell beyond. (As seen from flanks of Middle Dodd).
Photo 04 - Looking across Middle Dodd and Brothers Water, from Red Screes summit.
Photo 05 - The view north-eastwards, from the cairn at High Bakestones
Photo 06 - The Priest’s Hole Cave, high up on Dove Crag.
Photo 07 - The view north-eastwards, from the entrance to the Priest's Hole Cave.
Photo 08 - Looking back to Dove Crag, with the Priest's Hole Cave still prominent. (As seen from Hartsop above How ridge).
Photo 09 - Looking across Brothers Water to Gray Crag, Rest Dodd, The Knott, etc. – (As seen from Gale Crag - Bleaberry Knott area).

If you would like to see more photos from this walk, see: - ... ?f=2&t=510
01 Approaching Hartsop Hall.jpg
Photo 01 - Approaching Hartsop Hall.
02 Dove Crag from Hartsop Hall area.jpg
Photo 02 - Cloud covered Dove Crag.
03 Brothers Water from Middle Dodd.jpg
Photo 03 - Looking back to Brothers Water.
04 Looking back across Middle Dodd from Red Screes summit.jpg
Photo 04 - A view from Red Screes summit.
10 High Bakestones cairn.jpg
Photo 05 - High Bakestones cairn.
13 The Priest's Hole Cave.jpg
Photo 06 - The Priest's Hole Cave.
14 Priest's Hole view.jpg
Photo07 - View from Priest's Hole Cave.
22 Dove Crag from Hartsop above How ridge.jpg
Photo 08 - Dove Crag from Hartsop above How.
25 Brothers Water from Bleaberry Knott ridge.jpg
Photo 09 - View across Brothers Water.
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