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Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 1:07 pm
by Lancashire Lad
Visited the Lake District again yesterday – even though it was Bank Holiday Sunday!

Had another walk to Scafell Pike from Langdale, but this time taking in the Stake Pass, and the summits of Black Crags and Rossett Pike.

Most of the tops were no busier than usual, but Scafell Pike, being the magnet that is England’s highest mountain, must have had well over two hundred people on the summit when I was there.

I went across to the southwest edge of the summit plateau to escape from the crowds, have my lunch, and grab a few shots across Mickledore, to Lord’s Rake, Broad Stand etc., over on Scafell.

Zooming-in to Broad Stand, (a notorious spot where several walkers have died), I could see that there was someone stuck on it!
During the time I was there, he could neither get up nor down from the slab he was standing on.

I don’t know whether he did eventually manage to get safely off it, or whether he (or his mates below), had to send for help, but he was still on the same slab when I’d had my lunch and was heading off towards Broad Crag.

I suspect the trio may not have been familiar with the lie of the land, as when standing at Mickledore, Broad Stand looks to be an inviting direct way between the two peaks.
However, the only safe routes, (for walkers), from Mickledore to Scafell involve strenuous detours, climbing up loose gullies. (Foxes Tarn Gully or Lord’s Rake).


GPS Track of the walk: -
#GPS Track - 1 to 25000 Scale.jpg

A few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - Rossett Pike and the terminal moraines of Mickleden valley.
Photo 2 - Early morning view back down Mickleden.
Photo 3 - Zoomed-in shot from Scafell Pike, of climbers on Great Gable's "Napes Needle".
Photo 4 - Looking across to Scafell from Scafell Pike.
Photo 5 - Someone in a bit of a predicament on Broad Stand!
Photo 6 - Lingmell Crag and the top of Piers Gill from Scafell Pike.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:31 pm
by Lancashire Lad
Another jaunt to the Lake District on Saturday, to walk up Scafell Pike, (this time from Seathwaite Farm), with my sister.
It was her first time of reaching the summit, having been defeated three times previously by adverse weather conditions.

All the forecasts we’d looked at had said that Saturday would be a pretty good day in the western Lake District, with cloud-free summits from about 11am onwards. – Wrong!!!

Actually, things were looking pretty good, and we’d had excellent visibility until we’d almost got to the top of the Pike.
Then, dense mist arrived - which lingered in the vicinity at a base-height between 2500-2800ft. for the rest of the day.

Not long after we arrived at the summit, a large group of walkers appeared out of the mist, including David Powell-Thompson - (Mountain Guide), Terry Abraham - (Film Maker), many of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, and Mark Corr – (Landlord of the Strands Inn at Nether Wasdale).
Mark had carried a 4 ½ gallon keg of beer all the way up from Wasdale valley to Scafell Pike summit – to be dispensed to anyone and everyone who happened to be at the top, in aid of charity.

With a guitarist playing tunes, a bit of a party atmosphere ensued, and it was a great opportunity to make a donation to very worthy causes.
See: - ... 9084921733
And: -

We didn’t know it at the time, but my sister and I were captured amongst the photos/footage shot by Terry Abraham and the group.


GPS track of our walk: -
GPS Track - 1 to 50000 Scale.jpg

A few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - Stockley Bridge.
Photo 2 - Looking towards Great End.
Photo 3 - Looking Back towards Blencathra.
Photo 4 - Scafell Pike from Ill Crag.
Photo 5 - Almost at the top (Scafell Pike).
Photo 6 - Sty Head Tarn and Great End, with mist above the Corridor Route.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:35 pm
by Lancashire Lad
Another Lake District visit yesterday, again with my sister, who wanted to do Sharp Edge on Blencathra.
Excellent weather and panoramic views from start to finish, with a pleasant breeze now and again on the tops, - so not too hot.

A minor irritation came in the form of large numbers of Horse Flies pestering everyone walking along the whole of the Scales Fell area.
How we managed to avoid being bitten I'll never know!

However, Sharp Edge was nice and dry, giving confident hand & footholds on those bits that can be tricky when damp/wet, and my sister really enjoyed the scramble.


GPS track of our route: -
#GPS Track - 1 to 50000 Scale.jpg

A few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - First glimpse of Sharp Edge.
Photo 2 - Sharp Edge & Scales Tarn.
Photo 3 - A close-up of part of Sharp Edge after we'd done the scramble.
Photo 4 - Looking towards Derwentwater from Blencathra summit. (Ordnance Survey Trigonometrical Station ring in foreground).
Photo 5 - Derwentwater and the fells beyond.
Photo 6 - Looking across the Solway Firth towards Scotland.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:08 am
by Lancashire Lad
Lake District with my sister again yesterday, with intentions of walking up Bowfell and Crinkle Crags from Langdale. The mountain weather forecast had suggested a bright clear morning, with cloud increasing from the west during the afternoon, and chance of showers by evening. – So in theory, things looked pretty good!
The day actually started with rather grey skies, but the cloudbase was well above the summits and, (with no UV haze), long distance visibility was excellent.
Unfortunately though, the Lake District weather gremlins had decided not to take any notice of the forecast, and as we crossed the Climber’s Traverse towards the “waterspout” and start of the climb up the Great Slab, the weather closed in.
Fine drizzle, and dense mist reduced visibility to a few metres, so although we were amongst some of the finest scenery in Lakeland – we couldn’t see any of it!
By the time we reached Bowfell summit, it was a real “pea-souper”, and quite obvious that it wasn’t going to clear any time soon. We decided to abandon any thoughts of carrying on to Crinkle Crags and made our way down via Three Tarns col, and then retraced our walk-in route via The Band.
Back at valley level, it was plain to see that the mist had descended even further, and was covering everything from about half way up the fells.
Still a great walk – but the summit views will have to wait ‘til next time!


GPS track of the walk: -
#GPS Track - 1 to 50000 Scale.jpg

And a few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - Pike of Stickle and Gimmer Crag, from The Band
Photo 2 - Looking back towards Langdale Valley from The Band.
Photo 3 - Looking towards Crinkle Crags from Earing Crag area of The Band.
Photo 4 - A broody looking Climber's Traverse, with Bowfell Buttress centre shot.
Photo 5 - The waterspout at base of Cambridge Crag.
Photo 6 - Looking back to mist shrouded Crinkle Crags from Stool End Farm. (At end of walk).

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:05 pm
by NellyDee
Just thought I would tell you - I love reading about your walks, all looks fabulous :)

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:46 am
by Lancashire Lad
Thanks Nelly. - The thread seems to be getting quite a few views, so hopefully whoever is viewing will be looking at the fungi topics too!

I had another visit to the Lake District yesterday.
The mountain weather forecast had said that rain would clear by mid-morning, leaving a clear day with some good sunny periods, and cloud base predominantly above summit levels. (And they actually got it right for once!).

Walking towards Dovedale from the car, I followed the path through the woodland beside Brothers Water. Numerous species of fungi to be seen, with quite a few Waxcaps being seen higher up on the open fells too.

I’d decided to have a look at the Priest’s Hole Cave on Dove Crag.
It's a place I’ve been meaning to get to for years, but had never got around to it. (Lots of info and videos about the cave on the web).
The cave is high up on a crag face, and needs a bit of scrambling and a good head for heights to get to it.
Actually, getting there isn't too bad - route finding amongst the crags is probably the hardest part!
Having finally got there, I was somewhat unimpressed by the amount of litter, and the fact that someone had removed the tin box which had been there for years, and contained visitor’s books.
The books themselves had been left under a dripping overhang. Thus rendering them completely sodden, ruined, and virtually useless for the time honoured tradition of leaving and reading the comments of previous visitors.
Yet another example of the stupidity of the mindless morons within our society who just want to spoil things for everyone else.

From the cave, I continued up to Dove Crag summit, and then across to Hart Crag and Fairfield, dropping down to Deepdale Hause via Cofa Pike (The place where I tore my calf muscles back in February!), before going onto St. Sunday Crag and finally descending to Patterdale and walking along the road back to the car.

The star fungus find of the day was a superb example of Inonotus dryadeus – Oak Bracket, (see pic. 6), seen on a roadside Oak on the final leg of the walk back to the car.


GPS track of the route: -
#GPS Track - 1 to 50000 scale.jpg

And a few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - Looking towards Dove Crag at the head of Dovedale.
Photo 2 - The Priest's Hole Cave, high up on Dove Crag.
Photo 3 - View from inside the Priest's Hole Cave.
Photo 4 - The view from the Priest's Hole Cave "Balcony".
Photo 5 - Ullswater from the lower flanks of St. Sunday Crag.
Photo 6 - Inonotus dryadeus - Oak Bracket.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:52 am
by NellyDee
What lovely views and amazing cave. Yes I do look at the fungi topics. Don't need any IDs as the fungi that has appeared here has already been give ID by you kind folk :)

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:22 pm
by Lancashire Lad
Thanks once again Nelly.

Good weather this week – so the Lake District beckoned again on Monday (and Tuesday 8-) ). – And what better than another walk around the Langdale Pikes!

I hadn’t done Jack’s Rake for some years, so decided to include that in Monday's walk.
Jack’s Rake is a legendary Lakeland scramble, following a diagonal line from right to left up Pavey Ark’s main rock face.
The rake has been scene of several fatalities and many call-outs to the Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team over the years, so should only be attempted by those who have suitable experience of such terrain, a good head for heights, & proper footwear, etc.

(Unfortunately, the nature of the jack’s Rake scramble is never really captured in still photos, but for anyone who is interested, I’d highly recommend a viewing of this truly excellent short video by Christian Rouse: - ).


GPS track of the walk.
#GPS Track - 1 to 25000 scale.jpg

And a few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - Looking across Stickle Tarn to Pavey Ark.
Photo 2 - Looking down to Stickle Tarn from above the chock-stone on Jack's Rake.
Photo 3 - Stickle Tarn from the area just before the final slabs on Jack's Rake
Photo 4 - Pavey Ark from Harrison Stickle.
Photo 5 - Harrison Stickle, Loft Crag, & Gimmer Crag from Pike of Stickle.
Photo 6 - Pike of Stickle from Mickleden.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:35 pm
by Lancashire Lad
On Tuesday the weather was even better than Monday, so I made the Lake District pilgrimage for the second time in 24hours :), to do Helvellyn “by the edges” from Glenridding. (I can’t recall how many times I’ve done this walk over the years, but it still ranks as one of the best!).

Starting from a rough pull-in on Greenside road, walking over Rattlebeck Bridge to Miresbeck, and following the Mires Beck path into Little Cove and onto Birkhouse Moor. (With a short diversion to Birkhouse Moor summit).
From there, along to the “Hole-In-The-Wall”, and on to Low Spying How, High Spying How, Striding Edge, and up the Lad Crag headwall to Helvellyn summit.
From Helvellyn, down Swirral Edge to the col, and then up to Catstye Cam summit before dropping down its eastern flank to meet up with the Red Tarn Beck path, eventually leading down to the old Greenside Mines area and onwards to the car.


GPS Track of the route: -
#GPS Track 1 to 25000 Scale.jpg

And a few pics from the day: - (Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout).
Photo 1 - Ullswater from Birkhouse Moor summit.
Photo 2 - The Helvellyn vista from Birkhouse Moor.
Photo 3 - Striding Edge and Lad Crag from the area of the "Hole-In-The-Wall".
Photo 4 - The Dixon memorial on Striding Edge.
Photo 5 - Looking back down to Striding Edge from Helvellyn summit plateau.
Photo 6 - The massive spoil heap at the old Greenside Mine.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:06 pm
by NellyDee
What a fabulous video and as usual love seeing the scenery and your walks.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:17 pm
by Lancashire Lad
Thanks Nelly.

Did another trip to the Lakes on Bank Holiday Monday, and, being as it was a bank holiday, I wanted a walk that would be away from the “madding crowds”, and so decided to do a few of the more easterly fells.

Starting from Cow Bridge car park near Brothers Water, and walking in via the tiny hamlet of Hartsop, I took the Hayeswater Gill footpath up to Hayeswater, and then struck up the rather boggy path leading directly to the ridge of The Knott, leading towards High Street.

Passing beyond the summit of The Knott, and heading towards the Straights of Riggindale, Hayeswater again comes into partial view way down below to the right hand side. I stopped to take a quick photo, and, through the viewfinder, out of the corner of my eye, glimpsed something moving. – It was one of Lakeland’s herd of wild red deer. I’d long known about this herd, but had never actually spotted them before. – A nice unexpected surprise!

Having now seen one, I realized that quite a few deer were within sight. I counted eleven, but assumed that more of the herd would have been out of sight “around the corner” of the fell-side. I’m pretty sure they saw me before I saw them, but I managed to get a few shots off before they slowly ambled away out of sight.

At the straights of Riggindale, I took a short there-and-back detour, in order to visit the summit of Kidsty Pike. Then, back on the main ridge, it was up to High Street summit, and onwards to Thornthwaite Beacon.

From there, dropping steeply down to the small col at Threshthwaite Mouth, (what a horrible loose-slippy-stony descent that is!), I continued up to Stony Cove Pike, and across to the Atkinson Memorial cairn, before descending back to valley level via Caudale Moor.

Back in the valley at Caudale Bridge, I followed the public footpath through Sykeside to Hartsop Hall, and beside Brothers Water shore back to the car.

Fungi-wise, lots of Hygrocybe's, Entoloma's, Galerina's, and a few Mottlegills to be seen on the fells.


GPX track of the walk: -
# GPS Track - 1 to 25000 Scale (1).jpg
and a few pics. from the day: -
( If you want to see a few more pics from this walk, they can be found here: - ... ?f=2&t=421 ).

Photo descriptions in list form below, to ensure that thumbnails show correctly in grid-layout.
Photo 1 - Looking across Hayeswater towards High Street.
Photo 2 - Red Deer on The Knott.
Photo 3 - Looking across Dove Crag to the Scafell massif.
Photo 4 - Great Gable, seen on the horizon behind Dove Crag, Hart Crag, and Fairfield etc.
Photo 5 - Looking towards the Helvellyn range from the Atkinson Memorial Cairn, on Caudale Moor.
Photo 6 - Looking across Dovedale from Caudale Moor.

Re: Perfect Morning - (Revisited!)

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:27 pm
by NellyDee
I do like the way you describe your walks and the photos are lovely. Pity there is not a 'like' button, so I could just give you the thumbs up that I have read this. Fungi coming up in abundance here, just wish it would stop raining so I could get out and take more photos.